Delta-8 Potential Benefits


Looking for lab-tested high-quality delta-8 products? Well, look no further! ILND8 verifies every batch of our gummies with our third-party lab tests! Learn about all potential delta 8 benefits below!

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Potential Benefits


  • Anxiety​
  • Pain​
  • Nausea​
  • Joint Inflammation​
  • Muscle Soreness


  • Relaxation​
  • Ease ​
  • Appetite​
  • Sex drive


  • Mental Health​
  • Bring Happiness​
  • Focus ​
  • Beneficial Sleep

Happy Users

ILND 8 has helped to relax my system so I can sleep through the night. Also, it has allowed me to have less lower back pain and has helped with my rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.

– Chris K.

Takes the edge off, I can breathe better, and laugh more! Less stress, less worry, less tension so I can refocus and finish my day on a high note.

– Ann G.

Discover the power of Delta-8

It’s not just about the potential delta 8 benefits but it’s also incredibly pure. Made with the highest quality hemp and eco-friendly packaging. We specialize in gummies with more flavors and packaging on their way.

Delta-8 Potential Benefits